Our Team

Jacqui Bell

Favourite Running Distance: 100km – 100 miles

Biggest Achievement: Youngest Person to run an Ultra Marathon on every Continent in the World

Favourite Exercises: Running + Yoga

Top Holiday Destination: Bali

Matt Fox
Favourite Exercise: Muscle Up’s

Favourite type of running: Hill Sprints

Top Holiday Destination: Sweden and Croatia

Training style: Bodyweight and functional minimal equipment training. Outdoor training, especially at the beach is Matt’s speciality.

Mimi Frieser

Introducing our amazing yoga instructor Mimi 

Mimi is vibrant, energetic and has a passion for enhancing self-connection through movement. She has over 10 years of experience and specialises in mobility and stability.

Lululemon ambassador Mimi will be teaching sunrise & sunset yoga sessions during the retreat.

Joel Miranda

Favourite Running Distance: 5km’s

Biggest Achievement: Own a number of Body-fit franchises

Favourite Exercises: Push-ups

Top Holiday Destination: Italy

Jac Lee

Photographer and Videographer

Jac works worldwide to create content for travel companies, sporting individuals, brands, restaurants, hotels and more! Jac loves running and fitness herself so keep an eye out over the 4 days as this vibrant personality will be capturing all the fun! Which means you can be 100% present in each activity.

Jac Lee Photography and Videographer